Evil Morning Blues (1998)

Evil Morning Blues (1998)

Evil Morning Blues (1998). 01. J-s Blues

02. It Ain’t Me

03. Southbound

04. Evil Morning Blues

05. Blues For Baby

06. If You Got To Love Somebody

(By: J. Dawkins, Warner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB)

07. You Think You Fooled Me

08. Love That Woman

09. Bad Luck Blues

10. Mrs. Jones

11. It Hurts Me Too

(By: Elmore James, Chappell Music Ltd.)

12. You’re Humbuggin’ Me

(By: J. Miller & R. Morgan, Flyright Music)

13. Too Much Woman

(All songs written by The Booze Brothers and published by LITUNE Music, except where otherwise noted.) 

Recording Facts:
Our first CD was recorded at Lirec Studios in Stenshult, in the backwoods outside the city of Uddevalla, Sweden. Basic tracks were recorded between the 14th and the 18th of june 1998. Lead vocals, overdubs and mixing were made through august. All in all, we spent roughly two weeks in the studio, finishing our debut. Production and mix by Börje Lindquist together with the Booze Brothers.

The Booze Brothers:
Patric Karlsson – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Kenneth Svensson – Guitar
Dr Sumlin – Bass Guitar
Bosse Sandersson – Drums

Special Guests:
Kenneth Johansson – Keyboards and Grand Piano

All songs arranged by the Booze Brothers.

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