Live: With the Wolf Island Horns! (2004)

Live… with the Wolf Island Horns! (2004)

Live: With The Wolf Island Horns! (2004).01. J:s Blues

02. It Ain’t Me

03. Love That Woman

04. Rollin’ Man

(P. Green & C. Adams, Warner/Chappell Music)

05. Evil Hearted Woman

06. I’m Tore Down

(S. Thompson, Warner/Chappell Music)

07. Too Much Woman

08. Blues For Baby

09. Brand New Lover

10. Talk To Your Daughter

(J. B. Lenoir, Warner/Chappell Music)

11. When It Comes To Love

12. Down Town Tales

13. Southbound

14. Devil By The Tail

(All titles written by The Booze Brothers, and published by LITUNE Music, except where otherwise noted.)

Recording Facts:
This live CD is an offspring of the band’s collaboration with the Wolf Island Horns, a three-piece horn section who also appeared on our previous studio album ”On the Rocks”, from 2000. The idea of doing something on stage together ”in the future” was planted already then, even if nothing came out of it at the time.

We kept in touch however, and during the spring of 2004 it finally happened: The Booze Brothers with the Wolf Island Horns performed a series of concerts together, out of which this one (performed at the Vara Concert House in Vara, Sweden on April 2nd, 2004) was recorded by Swedish Radio, with Anders Jernqvist at the mixing console. The quality of this recording turned out to be far beyond anyone’s expectations, and thus the idea of a live CD was born. We think this is by far the best recording ever with this band.

This album was also Calle Björnberg’s recording debut with the band.

The Booze Brothers:
Patric Karlsson – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Kenneth Svensson – Guitar
Calle Björnberg – Bass Guitar
Bosse Sandersson – Drums

The Wolf Island Horns:
Ingemar Låås – Tenor Saxophone
Patrik Janson – Trumpet
Sixten Hay – Trombone

Horn arrangements by Ingemar Låås and The Wolf Island Horns.
All songs otherwise arranged by the Booze Brothers.

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