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The Never Ending Tour…

The Booze Brothers 2010.

The Booze Brothers formed sometime in 1985. Then, the line-up consisted of Jan-Erik Eriksson on lead vocals and guitar, Dr. Sumlin on bass guitar, Bosse Sandersson on drums and the now only remaining original member Kenneth Svensson on guitar. The musical compass, however, has, since Day One, more or less consistently pointed towards classic Electric Blues and good time Rock’N’ Roll. Heavily influenced by Blues Giants like Freddie King, B B King, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Elmore James and Stevie Ray Vaughan, this band is still more than capable of producing a driving, sweaty rock beat in the vein of ZZ Top, Rolling Stones, Dr. Feelgood or Status Quo. Things started seriously coming together in 1995, when Jan-Erik Eriksson chose to quit and was replaced by Patric Karlsson.

The band’s first CD, ”Evil Morning Blues”, was released in October 1998. It contained thirteen tracks, out of which ten were original compositions. The follow-up, “On the Rocks”, with all original material, was released in September 2000. It was, in turn, followed in 2004 by their critically acclaimed live-album ”Live: With The Wolf Island Horns!”.

Besides Sweden, The Booze Brothers have spent the last fifteen years successfully playing in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Add to that a number of tours in Germany, The Netherlands and Spain. The band have also attended a number of prominent festivals in the last decade. Worth mentioning are Aalborg Jazz & Blues Festival in Denmark in 2001, Romerike Blues & Roots Festival in Norway in 2002, Notodden Blues Festival in 2003 and Dalane Blues Festival in Norway in 2004 and 2008. Another highlight that definitely stands out was a performance in July of 2006 at the Bliuzo Naktys festival in Lithuania before an enthusiastic crowd of 5000 people.

The current line-up of The Booze Brothers, which has been in place since 2012, consists of: Kenneth Svensson on guitar, Patric Karlsson on vocals and guitar, Ove Flink on bass guitar, and Marko Kallunki on drums.

The Never Ending Tour continues…

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