Kenneth Svensson – Lead Guitar

Kenneth Svensson – Lead Guitar

Kenneth Svensson 2010.Kenneth Svensson has been playing Blues and Rock’n’ Roll since 1976. He used to play in bands like ”Flatfoot” and ”Tie Break”, alongside Dr Sumlin. In 1980 he bought the Gibson Les Paul that has been his main guitar ever since.

Vicious rumours claim that he devotes most of his spare time to food, beer and rest (though not necessarily in that order…), when he isn’t busy booking gigs for the band.

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Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst, 1980
Hagström Super Swede 2006

Amplifiers, effects:
Blackstar HT Stage 60 Venue, 60 Watts 2X12 Combo
Yamaha DG Stomp Multieffects Processor/Pre-amp