Marko Kallunki – Drums

Marko KallunkiMarko is a seasoned veteran with more than twenty years of solid musicianship under his belt.

Like so many other young musicians with great ambitions, he tried his luck as a musician in Los Angeles in the early 90:s before eventually becoming homesick. Back home, he has since then played drums with the a variety of bands, covering various styles: Show tunes, funk, rockabilly, blues, rock and roll, and heavy metal. Notable bands are, to pick but a handful, Brödera ‘Hallberg (who among other things was the house band during three seasons of the television series ”Boston Tea Party” on Swedish Channel 5), Astrolites, Blue Orange, and Iron Trooper (an Iron Maiden tribute band).

He’s been lending his considerable drumming skills to The Booze Brothers since November 2012.

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