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Jonas Karlsson – Drums/Backing Vocals (2005-2012)

Jonas Karlsson 2010.Jonas Karlsson has a musical resumé spanning more than 30 years. Here you will find everything from Blues to New Wave, Musicals to Hard Rock. Names worth mentioning are bands like Morgan & Bluesarna, Autorytmer, Itchy Feet, Blues Machine and Flower Child.

Jonas joined the Booze Brothers in the winter of 2005, replacing Bosse Sandersson and playing his debut gig with the band in Uddevalla in December.

Not being afraid of musical adventures, Jonas went on a short Scandinavian Tour as the drummer for Zakiya Hooker, daughter of Blues Giant John Lee Hooker, in September of 2010, as well as tour manager for Canadian blues guitar phenomenon J W Jones in October of the same year.

Jonas decided to leave the band at the end of 2012 for personal reasons. He is, however, still a part of the ”family”, and occasionally sits in when the band’s present drummer Marko Kallunki is unavailable.

Jonas on Facebook:

Custom Maple Kit by Premier:
– 13″ Snare
– 10″ Tom
– 13″ Floor Tom
– 14″ Floor Tom
– 20″ Bass Drum

Various by Paiste, Sabian, Zildjian and Meinl

Hi – hat by Pearl
Cymbal – stands by Tama

Calle Björnberg – Bass Guitar (2003-2008)

Calle Björnberg 2006.Calle, or Carl Johan Björnberg, as he was christened, joined the Booze Brothers in October 2003, thus replacing dr. Sumlin, who had decided to quit. A very skilled, keen bass player, Calle has been playing electric bass guitar since the late seventies. Among the bands and projects that are in his musical CV, vintage blues band Flying Home is one of the more recent. Some years back, he used to play with bands like Hillbilly Band, and a guy called Peter Fransson from Trollhättan, who later rose to nationwide fame in Sweden as singer/songwriter Peter LeMarc…

During the second half of 2008 he expressed a desire to cut down on the number of concerts, to gain more time for family and domestic life. The idea was to find someone who could ”fill in” for Calle when he wasn’t available, and thus ease his workload. Sadly, he broke his leg pretty badly in October 2008, leaving him completely out of commission for several months. At that point Calle elected to step down all together as the bass player for the band. Since January 2009 the bass player with the Booze Brothers is Ove Flink.

But Calle remains a part of the ”family”; a friend that we will miss – we wish him well…

Calle on Facebook:

Bosse Sandersson – Drums/Vocals (1985 – 2005)

Bosse Sandersson 2004.Bosse Sandersson was a steady, strong drummer, who, in spite of this, almost never broke a drum stick. Being a drummer since the late seventies, he played with various local bands before the Booze Brothers. Worth mentioning is the band ”Rollin’ Skins”. Bosse joined the band shortly after the start, and kept going strong until the end of 2005, when he decided to leave to get some more time with his family.

We thank him for helping out in making the band what it is today.

Be good and Be well, Bosse…


Dr Sumlin – Bass Guitar (1985 – 2003)

Dr Sumlin 1998.Dr Sumlin is convinced that wearing a hat improves your playing, and that pop corn are best enjoyed in a movie theatre. Born in 1956 as one Hubert Dahlin, he got used to the nickname ”Hubbe” at a very early age, moving on to adopt his notorious alter ego ”Dr Sumlin” in the nineties.

In 1972, having at last fulfilled his required nine years in school, he started to actually ”play” music; he formed a duo, called ”ÖIK”, together with a friend. In 1979 the he formed a band called ”Flatfoot”, followed by ”Tie Break” (both bands featuring Kenneth Svensson), who recorded the single ”Mina grannar gillar inte rock’n’ roll” (My neighbours don’t like Rock’n’ Roll). Tie Break broke up in 1984. In 1985 he participated in the formation of a band called the Booze Brothers and the rest is history. His sudden decision to quit the band in the autumn of 2003 was recieved with sadness by his bandmates, who still decided to continue, now with Calle Björnberg on Bass Guitar.

Recent rumours claim that Dr Sumlin is devoting a large part of his considerable spare time inspecting his estate and to the cultivation of his monumental beard – that’s non-toxic cultivation, by the way. We thank him for 18 years of dedication. Live long and prosper…

Jan-Erik Eriksson – Lead Vocals/Guitar (1985 – 1995)

Jan-Erik, or Jim as he was also called at times, was the original lead vocalist and guitarist, together with Kenneth Svensson. Jim played with the band all through its’ humble beginnings, but decided to leave the band in 1995 to start a family. He was replaced that same year by Patric Karlsson.

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