Patric Karlsson – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Patric Karlsson – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Patric Karlsson 2010.

Patric Karlsson is, with a margin of a few years, the youngest member of the band. He divides his time between the music and his computer. Nope, that’s right – no girlfriend. Perhaps it isn’t such a mystery why Patric is playig the blues after all…

In 1985 a friend encouraged him to start playing the guitar. In 1990 he formed his first band ”Moonshine”. Kenneth Svensson called in January of -95 and asked him if he wanted to join the Booze Brothers. He said yes…

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Squier Stratocaster Standard Series 2001
Epiphone SG 400 2002
Epiphone SG 400 2007
Fender Telecaster Standard Series 2005
Cimar (Ibanez) Strat Copy, early 1980:s

Amplifiers, effects:
Line 6 Flextone III, 60 watts 1X12 Combo + Line 6 FBV Shortboard
BOSS Equalizer