The Wolf Island Horns

The Wolf Island Horns

Wolf Island Horns 2004.

The Booze Brothers came in contact with the guys in the Wolf Island Horns  in 2000 when asking them to perform on the band’s second studio album,  “On the Rocks”. The idea of doing something on stage together “in the future” was planted already then, even if nothing came out of it at the time.

We kept in touch however, and during the spring of 2004 it finally happened: The Booze Brothers with the Wolf Island Horns performed a series of concerts together. This line-up walked onto a stage for the first time on Thursday February 26th, 2004. The premiere took place at Kulturbaren in Trollhättan, Sweden. More concerts followed during 2004, out of which one (performed at the Vara Concert House in Vara, Sweden on April 2nd, 2004) was recorded by Swedish Radio and released later that year as a Live-CD: ”Live: With the Wolf Island Horns!”. This exciting constellation has continued to give concerts on a regular basis since 2004.

The Wolf Island Horns:
Ingemar Låås – Saxophone
Patrik Janson – Trumpet
Sixten Hay – Trombone

Every now and then one or two of the guys have been unavailable due to other commitments. On such occasions we have had the pleasure of working with these fantastic musicians:

Mikael Högdahl – Saxophone
Björn Cedergren – Saxophone
Stefan Rahkonen – Trumpet
Dan Warvne – Trumpet
Jacek Onuszkiewicz – Trumpet
Fredrik Wiklund – Trombone

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